Our Data

Parent's action is committed to maintaining high data storage standards

and to protecting the anonymity of all study participants.

Survey Data

At times, Parent's Action gathers data through survey instruments. This data is collected anonymously and never requires input of personal data such as phone number or name. All data remains under the full control of Parent's Action and only analyzed data is included in reports and communicated to third parties.

Interview Data

At times, Parent's Action gathers data through interviews. Unless expressly agreed to with interview participants, all interview data is anonymized before being shared with third parties. This means that names and other identifying characteristics are changed.

Newsletter & Action Alerts

When you subscribe to our newsletters & action alerts, we retain information related to your Email address and name. This data will be used exclusively for sending you the newsletter and other relevant communications and will not be disclosed to third parties.

Contact Us

Your contact information is not retained and will be used exclusively in responding to your query.